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Welcome to Priestess Alchemy 

Sophie Gregoire is a Writer, Author, Channel, Reader,

Transformation Coach & Sensuality Guide.

She helps others realign with their Soul Self & coaches women on the Priestess Path. 


Sophie believes that Self-Love as a new paradigm & inner revolutionary tool has the power to transform all the areas of your life. Her journey into self-love & accepting herself as she is, in the areas of purpose and work, love & relationships, as well as prosperity and sexuality has taught her tools of deep acceptance and personal empowerment, that she loves to share with others.

Wild Love. 

Our mission is to help you rise into your soul's destiny

& vibrationally align with the inner power, bliss and sovereignty that you came here to embody in the physical plane.


We believe in your ability to fully reclaim the Sacred Feminine archetype. This includes remembering your soul purpose, revealing your wisdom, magic and intuitive gifts as well as attracting the highest frequencies in the different areas of your life.


Sacred Union, Sacred Purpose, Sacred Prosperity &

Sacred Intimacy are for us the different facets of the same coin - of you reclaiming soul alignment, joy & energetic mastery in your life. 

We are here to offer you tools for an accelerated healing. Our contribution may help you transform ancestral or childhood trauma & shed patterns or life situations that you have outgrown. Our contribution may help you reclaim your magical modern witch powers. Our contribution may help you attract soul alignment in your relationships & find Sacred Union. We are here to help you create holiness in all the areas of your life. 

Most importantly, our intention is to help you come closer and closer to your most authentic expression in the world, reclaim and live all the beauty, abundance, love, joy & Alignment that you came here to experience

within this lifetime. 













Our own journey to both finding Truth, which is alignment with Soul, and Wholeness in those different areas of life

What it actually involved

Moving through those different layers

Transmuting its dark hours into the light, what has given us the inspiration, desire and calling

to share this sacred work with others. 

We look forward to connecting deeper with you!

La Louve Rouge. 

Our Manifesto 

" I deserve what is best. In all areas of life. I deserve joy. I deserve purpose. I deserve love. I deserve sacred wealth. I deserve to be treated & loved in the highest way. I deserve to ground in my highest ground. I deserve bliss. I deserve my divine self. I deserve sacred counterpart. I am worthy. I deserve prosperity from truth. I deserve to receive the most sacred form of all the joy-s.

Joy is my birthright."

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