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Sophie is a Writer, Author, Channel, Reader, Transformation Coach & Sensuality Guide.


Her journey into self-discovery has led her to the writing's path at an early stage. Starting with articles, reflections and poetry, she has been featured in several online publications including Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society, Love Has Won and Women's Spiritual Poetry in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Over time Sophie's work has expanded into Divinely inspired writings, flowing in the form of daily wisdom and Channelled energy updates. 


Sophie believes that our main purpose in life is Joy – and that our joy is found in being, or remembering our Authentic Self. As a healer her work is to give others the tools and inspirations to follow their Divine destiny, live their own greatest, most soul-aligned and abundant life & reclaim their inner ability to heal.

Sophie has discovered her intuitive gifts and wisdom through a continued journey of love, of worldwide explorations and of constant introspection & self-actualization in order to heal. Her work focuses on empowering others through a broad healing approach which reconciliates the contributions of spirituality and of science-based knowledge.  

Sophie is certified as a Reiki Master & Master Teacher and has been trained in the field of Trauma Recovery. She attended the ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) training offering a dive into Sacred Sexuality as a tool for transformation of deeper wounds and healing. She teaches about Sacred Union & Sacred Intimacy - and the magic of external alignments as a reflection of Inner Alchemy.


Sophie is also a Reader, Psychic and Intuitive Astrologer. She has dived into Astrology since a very young age and offers birth chart analysis including traditional astrology, Chinese astrology, the wisdom of the North Nodes and of the karma that we bring into this lifetime. She has learned from the approaches of Sue Tompkins, Steven Forrest and Judy Hall. 

Her first book She Is The Moon will be released in 2019. It describes her journey back to the Soul-Self.


She started her life journey with a MBA and a Master degree in Anthropology. 

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2019-05-22 - DECO - GREGOIRE - Book phot
2019-05-22 - DECO - GREGOIRE - Book phot

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