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Find Sophie's recent interviews & podcasts below!



>> With Transformation Goddess 

A Soulful, Sensual and Sacred Exploration for Women

Go here to listen to the podcast This Sacred Life where Sophie shares about her travelling experiences, her journey of breaking free, sacred feminine practises such as the yoni eggs & the importance of speaking our core truth. 

>> With Clouds + Dirt

A conscious collective for the spiritual modern woman

Go here to read Sophie's interview about her book She is the Moon, what inspired it, what  started her journey into self-discovery & the main obstacles that she has overcome.  



>> With Soulogy - SoulSpeaks5D

Go here to listen to Sophie and Todd Medina's talk about Relationships healing, The journey back to the Soul self, Writing as a spiritual practise & healing tools, Channeling & growing one's intuitive gifts. 

And here! 


>> With Sanne Heart - Pivots of Change

Go here to watch Sanne & Sophie's conversation "Rewriting Your Life Story | Self-Discovery & Moving Into The Unknown". We share about how we can heal and transform through writing practices & processes of changing career and moving into the unknown.

And here to hear about Healing Trauma In Relationships | Trauma Bonding and Codependency. 

>> With Monika Carles - Conversations with the Universe 

Listen here to Sophie's interview: The Soul Revealing

Benefits of Traveling and the Heroine's Journey. Coming

home to Self.




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