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I offer different types of private sessions


All sessions are therapeutic spaces for sharing, healing, receiving guidance & revealing your next steps and orientations. 

The intention is always to help you Connect with your soul self to a deeper degree, open the gateways for Transformation &

generally Upgrade your current experience of life. 

Intuitive abilities (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, channeling and Oracle cards) may be used to help bringing more clarity &

connecting with your highest trajectory.

Short energy clearings/healings may be facilitated during sessions, as well as tailored Guided meditations.

Sessions are of one hour, take place via Zoom (video) and are recorded. Bookings can be made below or you can reach out to me directly

via the Contact page. 


General Session and reading about your current circumstances, possible next steps & evolution. We may go to different themes & areas of your life.

** Great opportunity to have a global vision of where you are at, what are the main blocks or leverages for more fulfilment in your life.  

** The session space starts "wide" in order to not "miss" anything and then refocus on what is most timely and relevant to heal, shift or enhance in your life of now.

** As explained above, Guidance sessions will both allow to share and heal, as well as receiving intuitive guidance or channeling about your trajectory

Price: 77€

Guidance Session 

Soul Purpose Sessions are focused on your divine mission & soul work in the world. Its blossoming, expansion & sustainability.

Our main goals will be to: 

** Reconnect your being to its deepest & most authentic self, where the core of your unique medicine to the world resides  

** Allow your unique gifts to be fully expressed, recognized and owned 

 ** Identify ways to land your soul mission in the very physical & integrate this part of your life with its other aspects, work through any transition that you may feel called to take  

** Define ways to sustain & grow your soul work 

Price: 99€

Embody Soul Purpose 

Love Life sessions are entirely focused on clearing your energy, patterns & relationship history in order to allow you to find your soul match ~

Our main intention will be to allow your energy to become the perfect match of what you are actually looking for. 

We will : 

** Receive all the pieces of your current situation & your possible desires to enhance it or evolve

** Define your love goals & intentions 

** Identify your relationships patterns & potentials blocks from manifesting your highest desires  

** Reconnect your current experience with past ones -- would it be previous relationships, childhood or karma inherited from previous lifetimes, & rewire your system from there

Price: 99€

Upgrade Your Love Life  

Pleasure & Bliss sessions are designed to help you reclaim sexuality and pleasure as sacred energies, that are entirely part of your evolution and divine path. 

The content of sessions may vary based on your current needs. Emails are exchanged in advance to clarify your personal history & specific needs. 

We may work on: 

** Reconnecting with the energy of bliss

** Boosting your worthiness & self-esteem 

** Releasing neediness & dependency in the sexual area

** Releasing unhealthy attachments or cords

** Rediscovering the womb as sacred space

** Bringing self-love and self-pleasure in your daily experience of life 


Price: 99€

Tap Into Full Pleasure & Bliss
One-to-one Creative sessions
Unleash Your Soul's Creative Potential

Price: 111€

Primarily : 
Develop tools & practises to connect with the flow of inspiration
Integrate your creative process in your daily life (time, space)
Practise allowing creative energy flow through you
and the act of "giving birth"
Learn to allow self-expression out without control
or overthinking
Become a greater conduit for creations & transmissions
But also :
Allow yourself to feel more freely expressed in your life through your art
Regain self-confidence in learning that to be fully expressed is safe
Enjoy the beauty & joy of creating your own work
Make more out of your passions


Mentoring Programs: 
Pack of 3 Creative Classes (1/month for 3 months)        299€
Pack of 6 Creative Classes  (1/month for 6 months)      557€ 
Please use the contact page to arrange your classes.  


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