A 6 Month Journey Into Full Feminine Power

Join a Powerful Feminine Community

Heal the Major 6 Wounds of the Modern Woman

Unlock Potential for Major Transformation

in your life

The Priestess Alchemy Program is designed to support you as a Woman of our modern society to fully reclaim & embody your inherent Power and Sacred Feminine energy

We will journey through key themes with the intention of reclaiming full capacity for fulfilment, alignment, divinity and satisfaction in your life.

We will dive into :

⚜️ The Sensitive Wound ⚜️

Expressing, liberating and turning your sensitivity and rawness into power

⚜️The Intuitive / Oracle Wound ⚜️

Allowing your gifts to shine, develop & be seen

⚜️ The Essence of True Love ⚜️

Finding wholeness, overcoming codependency & revealing your potential for true love

⚜️ The Divine Masculine Archetype ⚜️

Calling in the Sacred masculine, closing karmic contracts & other forms of soul assignments 

⚜️ Reclaiming Sacred Prosperity ⚜️

Reclaiming abundance as a key piece of your path, opening the gates to receive & healing self-worth wounds

⚜️ Reclaiming Erotism & Divine Pleasure in your life ⚜️

Discovering how to unlock your innate potential for pleasure, bliss as sacred woman with or without a partner.



This program is designed for those who are ready to embark on a true journey of massive change, transformation & upgrade in their lives.


 Is this YOU ? 

 10 spots are available 

 Our journey will start June 21st 

  What Will You Have Access To ? 

Bi-Monthly Group Calls

We will learn & deeply explore about our 6 themes. Each month is devoted to one theme

Calls will take place on zoom, will be recorded and lifelong accessible 

1H30 * 2 = 3H / Month

Monthly Private Sessions with me

In this space we will dive deeper into your own specific process, needs, desires, expectations and experiences

Sessions will be adapted to you and your needs.

They are designed to offer additional tailored support to your journey within the Priestess Alchemy container.

Sessions can also include guided meditations & Oracle readings

1H30 / Month 

Support, Community, Creativity and Sisterhood within a closed Facebook group

entirely devoted to our container & shared journey





Join the monthly payment option


To join go below and send your deposit (77€)

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"I have tried to put into words just how meaningful and moving and truly amazing my reading with Sophie was...yet I can’t seem to do it. There was a connection and a peace that surrounded the entire experience. I felt a peace about the future and an excitement about my place in it. I don’t think that was because of the reading I received but because of Sophie herself. 
There was a clarity to her communication and the information she shared with me was so apt and meaningful. While I began the reading feeling uncertain what to expect and tentative about the process, at the end of it I felt like I’d been embraced and comforted and given clear answers. 
From the initial contact to the last message post reading, she was warm, welcoming and communicative. It was time and energy well spent. Most definitely something You should gift yourself!
" - Whitney, USA


"My reading with Sophie was so incredibly POWERFUL. It was full of insight, confirmation and was exactly what I needed to finally bust through my fears. Sophie is an incredibly intuitive and gifted woman, I was moved to tears listening to my reading as everything resonated so deeply. Thank you Sophie for your incredible voice and doing the amazing work that you do, it has helped me to step up, to be seen, and to be heard. Thank you! X " - Megan, Albury, Australia

" My session with Sophie was so amazing, it’s almost impossible to put into words. She was able to tap into my past with an uncanny accuracy, and was able to give me much clarity on some of the biggest struggles of my life. I felt overwhelmed with love and peace during and after our session. I had cleansing tears running down my face during our session and have broken out in tears of joy many times since. Sophie gave me much hope for my future and was able to help me strengthen my own intuition by confirming many things for me. She is a wonderful listener with a beautiful, kind, and authentic spirit who was a pleasure to connect with. Afterwards we did an energy cleansing and I could immediately tell a difference. I look forward to connecting with Sophie again and would highly recommend her services to anyone who is seeking light and truth on their spiritual journey!" - Jennifer, Oklahoma USA

" My energy healing with Sophie was beautiful and profound. Sophie has such a delightful and nurturing energy and is so deeply in-tune with spirit. She effortlessly tapped into my energy, reflecting back to me all the wonderful and healed parts of myself while also discovering that which I had been guarding. She provided wonderful perspectives and practical advice. The reiki she performed was incredible and potent - it was if she was standing right there. It was a truly wonderful experience - I highly recommend her to anyone is seeking to know themselves more deeply." - Jillian, Maryland, USA

" My beloved and I had the most intensely beautiful and accurate Birth Chart reading with Sophie tonight. I was stunned by the accuracy that she understood us and our paths, and this from halfway around the world and having never met her. She was able to see our pasts with amazing clarity, identified poignantly how that is effecting us currently, and then provided a potential trajectory for us that aligned so parallel to our actual visions for our future that I was left speechless. I started following Sophie upon recommendation of a Goddess friend and immediately felt connected to her messaging. My reading with her further deepened my reverence. She simply vibrates higher. " - Jen, California, USA