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Evolutionary Natal Chart Reading

Evolutionary Astrological Reading focus on the Soul's Journey. Through an in-depth study of Pluto, Uranus & the Lunar Nodes we gather:
** Classical insights about the personality self, structure and goals
** The soul main concerns for this life-time & major desires for transformation (Pluto)
** Most possible past-lives storylines illuminating the nature of the personality self, its needs and unfulfilled or unresolved themes in the past (Moon Nodes)
** Long-term or prior-lives memories, with an emphasis on the traumatic ones, that the soul incarnated with & are still stored within the unconscious (Uranus).

Pluto, the Lunar Nodes and Uranus highlight the deep guiding principles that presently direct our souls.

Evolutionary Astrological Readings underline the hidden forces & unconscious dynamics that drive us therefore opening new and deeper understandings of possible internal conflicts, patterns of behaviour or feelings seemingly overwhelming. They illuminates in-depth perspectives about our psyche & open new pathways for rejuvenating our purpose and life.

Your Reading: 

* 1h15/30 min Video call (Zoom).

* The Reading is recorded.



Connection with the magical & intuitive realms in order to bring you more clarity about a situation of your current life. The Reading brings you back to your own soul's knowing & helps accessing more of your soul's desires and truth.

Tarot, different Oracle cards decks as well as clairvoyance & clairsentience abilities may be used. 

Possibility of Special readings for Divine Unions & Soul Missions


Your Reading: 

* 60 min call (voice or video, Zoom).

* The different spreads are sent to you after our call. 

* The Reading can be recorded on demand. 

Price: 77€. 

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